Empty Gallery

C. Spencer Yeh

Dec 9 – Feb 10
Opening: Saturday, Dec 9


Shocking Asia by C. Spencer Yeh, 2017.

Shocking Asia is a selection of the artist’s new and old moving-image works presented in an immersive installation spanning both floors of the gallery.


18th & 19th Floor Grand Marine Center,
3 Yue Fung Street, Tin Wan
T (852) 2563 3396
Tu-Sa 11am to 7pm

Founded by Stephen Cheng, Empty Gallery showcases both established and emerging artists alongside a program of pioneering multimedia commissions, performances and music. With a special commitment to ephemeral, time-based and non-object-oriented practices, Empty Gallery is committed to fostering conversation across cultural, geographic, and medium-specific boundaries while serving as a regional hub for the flourishing East Asian art scene.

Represented artists
Amit Desai
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon
Tishan Hsu
Hans-Henning Korb
Takashi Makino

Other Artists
Xavier Cha
Takeshi Murata
Catherine Christer Hennix
Susanne Winterling
C. Spencer Yeh

Art Fairs 2018
The Armory Show, New York, March 2018
Frieze, New York, May 2018