Edouard Malingue Gallery

Jeremy Everett, He Yida, Phillip Lai, Handiwirman Satura, Tao Hui

Jul 10 – Aug 26
Opening: Jul 8, 11am-1pm.

He Yida

Tie up loose ends by He Yida (detail), Elastic band, stainless steel rod, ceramic, slap bracelet sealed with chamois leather cloth Dimension variable, 2014.


If but for a moment the inevitable fate of a point in time, or our perception of a thing, was seen, held. one second ago evokes that tittering sense of balance regards a state of existence or actuality, whether represented by assemblages of the quotidian or elements from nature. Such fine lines or instances are addressed by the works of He Yida (b. 1980, China), Handiwirman Saputra (b. 1975, Indonesia), Jeremy Everett (b. 1979, USA), Tao Hui (b. 1987, China) and Phillip Lai (b. 1969, Malaysia / UK), which beyond responding to a sense of spatial and temporal oscillation, demonstrate that a sense of passing, as well as assignation of value to the negligible, is a universal phenomenon, extending beyond borders and conditions.


Sixth Floor, 33 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
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Mo-Sa 10am to 7pm

Edouard Malingue Gallery was founded in Hong Kong in 2010 to build a critical dialogue between Asian and international contemporary artists, both emerging and established, who combine aesthetic concern with conceptual enquiry, and work across different disciplines from video and installation to painting and sound. In 2016 the gallery opened a second space in Shanghai, creating a wider platform of exchange for its roster of artists. In addition to presenting dynamic solo exhibitions, the gallery pushes the boundaries of art in public spaces and stimulates artistic discourse through collaborations with curators worldwide.

Represented artists:

Eric Baudart
Cho Yong-Ik
Chou Yu-Cheng
Cui Xinming
Jeremy Everett
Laurent Grasso
Callum Innes
Ko Sin Tung
Kwan Sheung Chi
Nuri Kuzucan
Fabien Mérelle
João Vasco Paiva
Sun Xun
Janaina Tschäpe
Su-Mei Tse
Wang Wei
Wang Zhibo
Wong Ping
Samson Young
Yuan Yuan