Winter Issue 2017/18

Artomity Issue 7 Winter 2018

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Art for the People by Vivienne Chow
Book Is the Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive‭? ‬
Collector Justin Kennedy‭ ‬
Archive Multiple Realities Artists Take on Urban Life by Nicolette Wong

Crossing Hong Kong‮’‬s Harbour by John Batten
Vietnam Exodus‭:‬ Opened Memories by Caroline Ha Thuc
Art Partners‭ ‬/ Meet the three women behind some of Hong Kong’s most ambitious large-scale public exhibitions‭.‬

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

Ink Art at M+Pavilion by André Chan

Yau Leung
Ducky Tse Chi Tak

Masatoshi Masanobu at Axel Vervoordt Gallery by‭ ‬Valencia Tong.
Claire Lee at Charbon Art Spaceb by Caroline Ha Thuc.
Eric Fok at Karin Weber Gallery by Valencia Tong.
Toshio Matsumoto at Empty Gallery by Katherine Volk.
The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar at Hong Kong City Hall by Ernest Wan.

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After the Deluge by Kingsley Ng

Autumn Issue 2017

Artomity Issue 6

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Art for the People by Vivienne Chow
Book Angela Su
Collector Caroline Chiu and Paul Aiello
Studio Chow Chun Fai‭ ‬by Elliat Albrecht
Archive Art in Mutation‭ / ‬Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2009 by Nicolette Wong

Ha Bik Chuen by John Batten
Law Man Lok by Michele Chan
Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong‭ ‬by Winnie Lai

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

The Un/Safe Reading of‭ ‬Spectrosynthesis‭ ‬‮!‬V Asian‭ ‬LGBTQ Issues and Art Now
by Anthony Leung Po Shan

Silas Fong
Ocean Leung
Kong Chun Hei

Misty Clouds, Scattered Colours at Liverpool Community Cinema, by Edouard Malingue Gallery by Christie Lee
Andrew Luk at de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong by John Batten
Has–Been–There at Pearl Lam Galleries Soho189, Hong Kong by Winnie Lai
Lam Tung Pang at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing by Nooshfar Afnan
Angela Su at Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong by John Batten
130 Tattoo (Linda Yim and Thomas Rosenkranz), Kacey Wong, Rita Hui; Remy Siu
at Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre by Ernest Wan

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I Have No Enemies‭ ‬by Kacey Wong‭

Summer Issue 2017

Cover Issue 5 Lee Kit

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Monograph João Vasco Paiva
Collector William Lim
Studio Map Office
Letter from afar Movana Chen

Lee Kit by Charlotte Chang
Rachel Kneebone by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand
Howie Tsui by‭ ‬Elliat Albrecht

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

Ged Quinn
Heri Dono

Samson Young at the Venice Biennale 2017 by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand
Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs at Para Site by Caroline Ha Thuc
David Lam, Carrie Koo, Paul Chu, Josh Hon at Vancouver Art Gallery by Elliat Albrecht
Do Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin by Margot Mottaz
Chris Huen at Pilar Corrias, London by Alex Quicho
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at Hong Kong Cultural Centre by Ernest Wan

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Andrew Luk

Spring Issue 2017


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Press the Button  Leung Chi Wo
Sylvain Levy of DSL Collection
Studio Tang Kwok Hin
Letter from afar Magdalen Wong
Profile Li Huayi‭ ‬

Hi‭! ‬Houses. A rejuvenation of Hong Kong heritage by Caroline Ha Thuc
Nuria Krä‬mer‭-Connecting Space. Open thinking for a free art space by Caroline Ha Thuc
Nigel Cameron by John Batten

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

Adrian Wong by Charlotte Chang
Gerard d’Alton Henderson by Alexandra A Seno
Luis Chan by‭ ‬Winnie Lai

Tan Ping
The Fifth Moon
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian

Fabien Mérelle at Edouard Malingue Gallery by‭ ‬Caroline Ha Thuc
Howard Hodgkin at Gagosian Gallery by Diana d‮!&‬Arenberg Parmanand
Matjaž Tančič at Pékin Fine Arts by‭ ‬Elliat Albrecht
Trevor Yeung at Magician Space by Nooshfar Afnan
Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra at Hong Kong Cultural Centre by Ernest Wan

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Siah Armajani‭ ‬by John Batten

Winter Issue 2016


Sold out

Press the Button  Leung Chi Wo
Collector Mina Park
Studio Samson Young
Letter from Afar Isaac Chong Wai
Art Law by Adam Griffiths

Mill6 Caroline Ha Thuc speaks to the foundation‮’‬s‭ ‬
director Angelika Li and curator Him Lo
There are no misinterpretations of‭ ‬nothing Winnie Lai on‭ ‬Misguided Tours‭ ‬at M‭+ ‬Pavillion
Creative toys‭ ‬John Batten on‭ ‬Toy as Medium‭ ‬at Floating Projects
A Vision in ink‭ ‬Charlotte Chang speaks to Ink Asia director Calvin Hui
A portrait of the artist as an emergency‭ ‬Gerhard Bruyns in conversation with philosopher‭ and artist Patrick Healy

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

‬Mickalene Thomas‭ ‬at Lehmann Maupin by Diana d‮’‬Arenberg Parmanand
Tung Wing Hong‭ & ‬Phoebe Hui‭ ‬at chi art space by Charlotte Chang
‬G Roland Biermann‭ ‬at Galerie du Monde by Malcolm MacLeod
Maria Taniguchi‭ ‬at Galerie Perrotin by Margot Mottaz

Chan Kwan Lok, Tseng Ting Yu, Zhang Yu

Anish Kapoor at Gagosian Gallery by‭ ‬Ellen Oredsson
Danh Vo at White Cube by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand
Wang Du at Tang Contemporary Art by‭ ‬Elliat Albrecht
Marco Brambilla at Simon Lee Gallery by Diana d‮!&‬Arenberg Parmanand
Miao Xiaochun at Osage by‭ ‬Caroline Ha Thuc
Apichatpong Weerasethakul at Para Site by‭ ‬Nicolette Wong
Ho Sin Tung at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing by‭ ‬Nooshfar Afnan
Nadim Abbas at Antenna Space, Shanghai by‭ ‬Nooshfar Afnan
Ko Sin Tung & Stephanie Sin at 100ft Park by‭ ‬John Batten
Konstantin Bessmertny at Macau Museum of Art by‭ ‬John Batten
Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo Qiang by‭ ‬Margot Mottaz
The First Monday in May by‭ ‬Elizabeth Kerr
Julieta by Elizabeth Kerr

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A project for Things that can happen by Anita Dawood

Autumn Issue 2016


Sold out

Studio Angela Su

Letter from afar Claire Lee

Broken histories, bright futures: Ernest Chang and the Blue House by Margot Mottaz
The Interstitial by John Batten
Gender Matters by Ellen Oredsson

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

Tsang Kin Wah by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand
Wong Wai Yin by Jonathan Thomson
Nadim Abbas by Nooshfar Afnan

Cristina Moroño
Peter Ross
Onion Peterman

Lee Kit at the Walker Art Center Minneapolis by Sheila Dickinson
Eason Tsang at Blindspot Gallery by Caroline Ha Thuc
Luke Ching Chin Wai, Chris Huen Sin Kan, Kwan Sheung Chi,
Kong Chun Hei, Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah, Lui Chun Kwong at Simon Lee Gallery
by Jonathan Thomson
Wang Zhibo at Edouard Malingue Gallery Hong Kong by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand
Reveries of the Red Chamber Hong Kong Dance Company by Nicolette Wong
Writopia and the Spell of Disappearance by Evangeline ManLee Kit at The

Back Page Adrian Wong & Shane Aspegren’s Cromniomancy by John Batten

 Summer Issue 2016


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Letter from afar Chloe Cheuk

Switched On by Margot Mottaz
Sound and Space by John Batten
Making History by Catherine Shaw
Hong Kong in the 1970s by John Batten

Hong Kong Gallery Guide Galleries & Spaces

Konstantin Bessmertny by Charlotte Chang
Wu Tsang by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand
João Vasco Paiva by Richard Lord

Nobuko Watabiki
Bob Yudhita Agung
Xie Nanxing

ZhaoZhao at Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong by Nicolette Wong
Choi Yan Chi, Almond Chu, Joseph Fung, Hon Chi Fun, Lai Lon Hin, Lee Ka Sing, Wing Shya, Blues Wong, Hisun Wong, Wong Wo Bik and Cédric Maridet at Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong by Amanda Sheppard
Laurent Grasso at Edouard Malingue Gallery Hong Kong by Caroline Ha Thuc
Kwan Sheung Chi, Mariana Hahn at Mill6 Foundation, Hong Kong by Caroline Ha Thuc
Wesley Tongson at Pékin Fine Arts in partnership with D3E Art Beijing by Nooshfar Afnan
Performer at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong by Elizabeth Kerr
Life by Elizabeth Kerr

Back Page Third Eye Kaleidoscope by Leslie van Eyck